‘The Surreal Complex’ in February for an unforgettable surreal experience. Admire works of art in the museum. Wander through the fairy tale forest and try not to get eaten or poisoned by the plants. Explore and fly through the cloudy dreams. This is a shopping event that is also a very creative exhibit showing off what creators in SL can do.

The themes are ‘Art’, ‘Dreams’ and ‘Fairy Tales’. The later theme is where you’ll find HopScotch in. I’m thrilled and excited and will show you what I’ll have to offer there.

Catch me a star
Based on Grimm’s Fairy tale “Sterntaler” (Star money, Star Talers) this is a pose with a wearable prop of falling stars. Available are gold and silver seperately.
Catch me a star silver
Catch me a star gold

Under the sea
This pose prop is based on the photography if Julie de Waroquier. When I saw it I had this piece of story in my mind:
“After a while in the world of the two legged, she wanted to go back to the sea. But she and her prince had moved and there was no water around. Only the little bit of undersea world in the aquarium. Maybe this was the way home…”
Under the sea

The event starts on February 1st and ends March 2nd.

Taxi to the Surreal Complex