The “Final Fantasy Festival” will be running from 7th to 21st February. It features everything Final Fantasy, Roleplay,, Sci-Fi. Steampunk, cyberpunk and more! Here is what you’ll find from *~*HopScotch*~* at the event:

Posepacks with 5 poses including the sword, based on Buster the sword of Cloud in Final Fantasy. Available in Female and Male version seperately.

Cyber Visor
A prop attachment that makes it look as if your eyes are projecting something onto a screen in front of you. The screen is slightly animated.
Cyber Visor - Coming Soon

Leaving the Grid
A couple pose based on the Poster of “Tron Legacy” – costumes and props are NOT included, it’s only the pose.
Leaving The Grid - Coming soon

These are SLink fingernails/toenails in neon coloured wires 🙂
Wired - Coming Soon

Warriors of Light Quote Frames
These are Gacha items. Frames with quotes from Final Fantasy games and movies 🙂 6 commons 2 rares
Warriors of Light Quote Frames - Gacha

Taxi to FFF