POSE FAIR IS FINALLY OPEN WEEE Yes I am yelling because i’m excited! A ton of awesome pose designers have poses, animations, pose props and more for your pleasure. AND WEE I AM ONE OF THEM. Check out the following to know what you can find from *~*HopScotch*~*

Single Poses:
Peyton, Daytona and Brooklyn are packs of 5 poses each:
Coming Soon- Peyton
Coming Soon- Daytona
Coming Soon- Brooklyn

Single Poses with Wearable Props:
The SLavatars is inspired by the beloved game ‘The Sims’ as you will see. It is a set of 4 poses with included Bubbles
Coming Soon - TheSLavatars

With the Wind is a set that is one of my all time favourites. I wanted to do this for ages and finally got the skill to do the fabric parts that are floating in the wind. It is a set of 5 poses. The cloth is included for both hands in sheer and solid.
Coming Soon- With the wind

Pose Prop:
I see the lights is a pose prop with 10 poses. They all work single wise apart from ‘Together (m)’ which is made to work with ‘Together (f)’. Included are a single lantern and a cluster of 10 lanterns. They do glow and have light effects. Since the lanterns are modifiable you can change the amount or turn it off. (The lantern consists of 2 pieces so if you want to change the light you’ll have to select the part with edit linked parts).
Coming Soon - I see the light

Hope you all love them and are as excited as me! Now I’m not going to hold you back any longer, grab the landmark and check it out!
Taxi to the Pose Fair!