I am thrilled and excited to be part of this fabulous event “Enchanted”, which happens every 3 months and is all about Fairy Tales. This round’s fairy tale is “Sleeping Beauty”.

My item for this event is a spinning wheel pose prop “100 years of sleep”.
100 years of Sleep

When you buy the item and unpack it (I have build enabled in my store for the duration of the event for this purpose), you will find a Stamp Card in your folder. Now what is that for?

Every participating store has not only a stamp card in their item(s) but also a Stamp Machine in their store. Attach your stamp card and go to every participating store, hit the stamp machine and once your card is full you can go to the prize location and choose 1 of 20 prices per card.
These Prizes are absolutely 100% exclusive to this event and will never ever be sold again!

Note: You can attach more than 1 stamp card when you get your stamps! And the cards are transferable, so in case you have more cards than you need you can pass it to a friend 🙂

My stamp prize is this set of quote frames, in 3D Mesh.
Quoting Beauty

Taxi to Mainstore
Taxi to Prize Location
List of Participating store SLURLs and instructions (in more detail)