I’ve got brand new releases for “LEVEL UP” which opened today! Not holding long speeches, but just showing you what you can get 🙂

What is lurking in the dark? Did you feel the breath on your neck? Did you hear the creaking of the wood? Did you see the shine in the corner of your eye? This Coffin is for all the creatures lurking in the dark, needing a comfy shelter.
It includes 8 static poses, and the picture on the coffin can of course be changed to any one of your liking 😉
You dare to wake me?!

So you are new to the whole survival thing, eh? No worries we all have been there. Here are a bunch of books that will teach you the most important things.
These books are a gacha, 5 commons, 1 rare. Check it out:
Survival Guides Gacha

Taxi to Level Up