Mystic Realms Faire just opened its doors and it is so exciting to see so many fantasy inspired creations by all these awesome designers, spread through 2 sims.

Most of my creations is pretty much Unisex (the guys will just have to make some things bigger 🙂 ) – apart from the Linked Lovers but those have a male and female version.
There is a lot of new stuff, so let me start right away 🙂

Entwined Silhouette

Really big beautiful horns. “Entwined” are the actual horns with metal decoration. “Entwined Silhouette” consists of the metal skeleton itself 🙂
The horns are available as single colours, an also in a Fatpack each with all 4 colours

Leather Headbands with beads and an animal tooth.
Available in three colours and in a fatpack

Facial decoration around the eyes in 3 metals or fatpack

Nose-ears chain. Available in three metals and in a fatpack

*~*Linked Lovers*~*
Linked Lovers
A chain necklace collar piece. These are available for guys and for girls (the shape in the top of the back and the neck is different for guys and girls so I had to make different versions, resizing doesn’t cut it.)
They are available in three colours, and in a female fatpack and a male fatpack

The Fair will open on October 10th and will run until the 26th. Come on by and get awesome stuff!
Taxi to Mystic Realms Faire