The new December Round of 21shoe is HERE TODAY. They are only available in this texture combination TODAY in my mainstore and never again after that.

21 shoe December - Ice Ice Baby & Vevina

There is one important thing to know about the shoes in this pack.

*~* Vevina *~*
These shoes will work only with the SLink Flat Mesh Feet! You can try if they work for other feet with resizing them, but they are modeled for SLink feet, so please understand that I cannot guarantee any other fits.

*~* Ice Ice Baby *~*
These Skate boots are unrigged, that means that everyone can wear them with resizing and everything.

IF you want to wear SLink feet with them you need the Medium Heel feet AND the Ankle Lock attachment, so your feet do not move. They are modeled around the feet, so that will work. If you see your feet bend but your shoes not, that means you are not wearing the Ankle Lock.

It is FREE. To get that, go into the Slink store to the section where you can find hands and feet and it is a vendor at the wall. As said it is free, and makes your heels look pretty when a pose would usually bend in an ugly way. 🙂

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