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It’s time for “The Gatherin”! A fantastic gacha event that does anything but mainstream. Fantasy, Sci fi and more. Beautiful designs and amazing prizes are to be had.

From me you can find the “Under the Sea” gacha at the event!
Gathering Gacha Under the Sea Key

Commons are the crowns in gold and silver, huggable and rideable dolphins in pink and blue
Rideable Dolphin
Huggable Dolphin & Crown

RARE are Dolphin Carriages with blue and pink Dolphins!
Dolphin Carriage

This Dolphin Carriage is a wearable vehicle. It is not scripted to be an actual vehicle! You attach it and use the included AO with it. Animations included are for walk, run, fly, jump, fly up/down, turn right and left (remember those only work when you stand and turn). All poses are customs made by me for this item.

Taxi to The Gathering