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It’s that time again! Romp started yesterday and I do have some kinky items for you. I tried to keep the images PG, so you can open them without worry. Info about the Photographer Hunt can be found further below 🙂

The first item is a lovely cage, perfect for a pretty birdy, or a sub if you prefer that 😉 The cage is filled with 10 kneel poses and should work (with little position adjustments via the menu) for male and female. A demo is out at the event, so you can test it. It comes in gold and silver and is RLV scripted to lock and more.
Lovely birdy

I also have a set of lovely cuffs for guys and girls (both sizes are sold in one metal pack) and in gold and silver! They also are RLV scripted to lock, hide/show and add owner.
Cayden Cuffs

Taxi to ROMP

Photographers Hunt
This hunt has a lot of prizes from great stores, that are based on photographer’s needs. Props, poses, sets, cameras etc. So many fantastic items. Each Prize costs 5L and this is mine:
Paper Garden

You can find it with some searching in the mainstore.
More info, pictures, hints etc here: http://stuffmyinventoryhunts.blogspot.de/

Hope you’ll enjoy!