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Two events have opened and I’ve got great new stuff for you!

Winter Gacha Festival
The Winter Gacha Festival has started. If you remember my Smoofies from the Gacha Garden, I have a brand new super cure X-Mas Edition for you!

Smoofy Holiday

Many of the Smoofies are animated. To start the animal simply click on it, you can stop it the same way 🙂 They all are wearable and attach to your shoulders (apart from the “Present” one that is on your head) You can easily change the attachment spot and if you want to rez them as deco, you can do that too 🙂

Taxi to Winter Gacha

Midwinter Fair
Midwinter Fair will start tomorrow! For this event I have a super cute Gacha to collect for you. the DIY (Do it yourself) Holiday Dollhouse.

DIY Holiday Dollhouse Gacha

Imagine Dad or Mom in the workroom/garage putting together a cute little dollhouse from the few bits of wood left in the house, making it a holiday decorated living room with little figurines and some paint. This is what you will get here. 🙂

I also have a little gift for you in the ‘Sales’ Section, together with two items at 50% for sale!

Snowflake Earrings Gift

Taxi to Midwinter Fair

Hope you enjoy! Happy Holidays!