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Exciting news! My best friend Cale from House of Alcott and me have done our first collaboration! After like over 9 years in SL that was about time!

We present: The Gentleman’s Chair

The Gentleman's chair

This chair comes with tons of options!

10 static poses
The poses and positions are adjusted to work with Niramyth’s Aesthetic body, but with a little adjustment of the position it works with the regular body and surely some mesh bodies as well. Adjustments in position can be made via the [ADJUST] menu of the chair.
Pose 8 and 10 make it possible to seat 2 avatars at the same time for a lovely picture if you want to pose with a friend.

HUD Driven:

  • 14 Leather textures
  • 6 Leg wood textures
  • 3 Stud Metal Textures
  • To fit into any kind of setting and your personal style.

Also if you need to resize the chair, you can do that since the item itself is modifiable, but be aware that you will have to adjust ALL poses after you did that.

You can find the chair now at *~*HopScotch*~* Mainstore  And Marketplace

Hope you’ll enjoy and keep your eyes open for more collaborations between *~*HopScotch*~* and House of Alcott in the future.