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Lost & Found is a monthly event inspired by vintage flea markets. This is my first time participating and I’m really excited.

I created a bunch of things that you can find on Real Life flea markets and hope you like them:

Trunk for my Junk
The Trunks come in brown and black and with an opening animation, so you can put your own stuff inside.

Lend a hand
This mesh hand holds a couple of rings and a leather band, random things to find at your flea market table. It comes in black and white.

By my side
This round table comes in three different woods. Dark, light and old.

Each of these items is available independently or in an item based fatpack (Both trunks, both hands or all three tables)

The event lasts until September 1st! Come on over and have a good flea market trip!

Taxi to Lost & Found