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Gacha Guardians is back! This time you can get super fun “Do it yourself” animal masks from me! Each includes the hold animation that works with your walks, stands and even dances. Stay in character at all times.

The Rare Butterfly mask comes with a texture change script for 3 different textures.

DIY Animal Masks

And of course, there is the Gift of the Guardians – A many-pus masks, because an octopus just doesn’t have enough tentacles!


How to play?

  • Players will start by grabbing a special HUD that can be found at either our main starting location or at any of the participating stores.
  • The HUD will allow them to find and collect special rune stones at each location
  • Once the rune stone at one location has been touched the HUD will allow the player to either move on to the next location or play the machine at the current one.
  • Next to each locations gacha machine you will find a very special item known as the “Gift of The Guardians”
  • This gift cannot be won by chance. Players will be gifted a key after playing a single creators machine 10 times. If they play 20 times they will receive two keys and so on and so forth.
  • Once a player has visited all participating locations and touched each rune stone a special portal will open allowing the players to enter the Guardian’s Treasure Room.
  • There, using the keys won while playing machines, Players can unlock their special gifts. These gifts will be no copy / yes transfer just as any normal gacha would be.
  • After the event ends The Gifts of the Guardians are retired and will never be made available again.

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