Gacha Garden brings you Soapbox Derbies!


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Gacha Garden opened and will last all month. You can find more information about the event here:

I have for you a fun gacha to let out your inner child! The “Hillside Derby” contains everything you need for your very own soapbox car races, from Soapbox cars to flags and a winner podium with trophies!

Hillside Derby Action

Hillside Derby Gacha Key

With every 20th play you’ll get the “Seed of Inspiration” which is a super special “car”

Hillside Derby Pirate Ship SOI

This is also the Birthday round so players receive a gift. These waymarkers (Traffic cones) can be used to mark your own race track, but of course can also be used in regular traffic, or as hats if you want to😉

Hillside Derby - Waymarkers Gift

Taxi to Gacha Garden

Gacha Guardians goes Cardboard Knight


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After almost 2 months of silence and a well-deserved break, I am back with fun stuff! The Gacha Guardians is open and has awesome stuff for you!

You can be a knight! With these cardboard horses and lances, you can joust your friends for the heart of your prince or princess!😉 The Rare is a majestic Unicorn, of course with a rainbow lance.

Cardboard Knights

The Gift of the Guardians is an almighty dragon! You can turn his flame on and off, and the wings flap too! When you click the Dragon it rawrs at your opponents!

Cardboard Dragon (Gift of the Guardians)

How does this work?
Go to any participating store. The set up there allows you to grab a HUD to play. Attach that HUD.

Step 1: Click the big runestone left of the actual gacha machine. Do that in each store to collect the rune stones.
Step 2. Play the Gacha machine. For every 10th play, you receive a treasure key.

Once you collected the runestones of *every* store you receive the super secret location of the Treasure Cove. In that Treasure cove, you can exchange the keys for their respective Gift of the Guardians.

Note: You can only exchange the key for the shop it came from. For example, the HopScotch Key will only give you the HopScotch Gift.

For more information, participating stores etc check here:

Taxi to HopScotch – Get your Cardboard Knight gear and dragon!

Lazy Sunday Exclusive!


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I’m excited to participate in Lazy Sunday! I have two exclusive and never to be sold again colors of my lovely Ayana heels for Medium Slink feet!

They are available from now, until Monday (when I wake up), make sure you get yours!

Ayana Pink Lazy Sunday Exclusive Ayana Blue Lazy Sunday Exclusive

Taxi to *~*HopScotch*~*


Fantasy Gacha Carnival goes medieval


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I’m excited to be in another round of the Fantasy Gacha Carnival.

I have a set of headpieces / Headbands / tiara – whatever you may call them – for you!

Medieval Headbands

The singles come with one metal color each, three metals each that makes 9 commons. The Rare comes with a color change HUD for 3 metals and 10 gems!

Come on over and get yours!

Taxi to Fantasy Gacha Carnival

Nature calls to Gacha Garden


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This round’s items for the Gacha Garden will make the fairy inside you happy! Nature backpacks are a set of 5 flower backpacks and 5 mushroom backpacks for you to carry around and even be save from the rain with! The flowers and mushrooms grow out of little pots that can be carried around with a strap running around them and the wearers shoulders.

Nature Backpacks

Every 20th play you will receive a Seed of Inspiration. This time it is a lovely flowery hat, which comes with 6 colors, changeable via the included HUD.

Flower Hat SOI

Come on by and get your fairy on!

Taxi to Gacha Garden


Treat yourself with ROMP


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My all time favourite kink event is open once more! I am participating again and am super excited about it.

Tongue Clothespin

The pictures of the rest of this round’s releases are below the cut because of their NSFW nature!

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“The Gacha Guardians” has started


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A brand new event “The Gacha Guardians” is starting tomorrow! This event is from the same people who make “Gacha Garden”. The difference to most other Gacha Events is, that the events happens at the participating main stores. You will find a set up at each store, that gives participants a HUD.

Each location in this event has this set up that also has a rune stone to click. Once a rune stone is clicked that gets marked down in the HUD. So in the end when the participants collected all the rune stones, they will receive a location (the treasure room) for special prizes! To receive a special prize from a store, they need a key from that store. 10 plays at the same machine will give the participant a key, every 10 plays.

More information, list of stores, shopping guide etc, you can find here:

Now that you know how it works, here is what you can get!
Tortoise Gacha

And the special item, from the treasure room:
Rideable Tortoise

The treasure will not ever be sold and will poof after the event is over. It is super exclusive only available for this event.

Taxi to *~*HopScotch*~*

The Gentleman’s Chair


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Exciting news! My best friend Cale from House of Alcott and me have done our first collaboration! After like over 9 years in SL that was about time!

We present: The Gentleman’s Chair

The Gentleman's chair

This chair comes with tons of options!

10 static poses
The poses and positions are adjusted to work with Niramyth’s Aesthetic body, but with a little adjustment of the position it works with the regular body and surely some mesh bodies as well. Adjustments in position can be made via the [ADJUST] menu of the chair.
Pose 8 and 10 make it possible to seat 2 avatars at the same time for a lovely picture if you want to pose with a friend.

HUD Driven:

  • 14 Leather textures
  • 6 Leg wood textures
  • 3 Stud Metal Textures
  • To fit into any kind of setting and your personal style.

Also if you need to resize the chair, you can do that since the item itself is modifiable, but be aware that you will have to adjust ALL poses after you did that.

You can find the chair now at *~*HopScotch*~* Mainstore  And Marketplace

Hope you’ll enjoy and keep your eyes open for more collaborations between *~*HopScotch*~* and House of Alcott in the future.

Poses, Poses everywhere!


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POSE FAIR IS HERE!!!! Yes I’m yelling all excited! Pose Fair is one of the great annual things that I’m looking forward to all year. I have lots of new stuff for you, guys and gals, so have a look!

Future Prop!
This is a futuristic inspired prop with geometric shapes and glowy lights. It has 20 poses included (10 female, 10 male). It also is completely tintable, either by hand or by the included HUD for that purpose, with 7 different zones to tint (Hull, floor, ceiling, right wall, left wall, floor bars and glow color!)

Future Prop

On the Balcony!
Inspired by Mediterranean terraces this balcony comes with 20 poses (10 female and 10 male). The curtain and its holder bar are tintable either by hand or the included HUD for that purpose.

On the balcony

Friday Night Poses!

I have 2 packs for girls and 2 packs for guys, each pack coming with 5 poses. You can test them all at the pose fair to see if they work with your shape/body etc. Thanks to my best friend Cale for modeling the male poses, he is wearing the Aesthetic Enzo body and they worked fine🙂

Friday Night 1 Female
Friday Night 2 Female
Friday Night 1 Male
Friday Night 2 Male

Hope you enjoy! Here is your taxi to the Pose fair!

Multiverse is here!


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Multiverse – an event themed futuristic and Sci-Fi – is about to start soon. For this event I have two new items for you! One is a Gacha, one is not.😉

To the Stars!

To the Stars

A gacha full of fun wearable starships for you to fly around with. AO is included in each pull. The common starships come in fixed color combinations. The RARE starship comes with a HUD to colorchange the two parts to your liking in any color you want. All starships are resize scripted so they can be used by smaller and bigger people, just the position of the starship would have to be adjusted if resized.


Clinger Visor!

Clinger Visor

This item is not a Gacha. It’s an accessory for your face, though if you can make it fit anywhere else, who am I to stop you😉
This Visor comes in 3 metals (gold, silver and black). Each metal comes including: Male and Female Size and a HUD to colorchange the ‘pearls’ and glass. They are also modifiable and resize scripted (depending on what you prefer to size it properly to your face)

Taxi to Multiverse