Puppy Play at ROMP


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ROMP has opened its doors today! This time around my focus lies on “puppy play”.

Puppy play is when one person takes on the role of a pup or dog and another takes that of the handler or trainer. The pup acts like their canine counterpart and the trainer, for the most part, handles the pup like he would a biological pup.” (Source: NEPups)

For this purpose I have made a set of items that you will now be able to get at ROMP.

Doghouse Puppyplay Label Sign Water and Food BowlBone Squeaky ToyBone Gag

You can get each item separately or a full pack of ALL of these together. Head on over and get your inner puppy on.:)

Taxi to ROMP

Midwinter Fair & Winter Gacha!


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Two events have opened and I’ve got great new stuff for you!

Winter Gacha Festival
The Winter Gacha Festival has started. If you remember my Smoofies from the Gacha Garden, I have a brand new super cure X-Mas Edition for you!

Smoofy Holiday

Many of the Smoofies are animated. To start the animal simply click on it, you can stop it the same way:) They all are wearable and attach to your shoulders (apart from the “Present” one that is on your head) You can easily change the attachment spot and if you want to rez them as deco, you can do that too:)

Taxi to Winter Gacha

Midwinter Fair
Midwinter Fair will start tomorrow! For this event I have a super cute Gacha to collect for you. the DIY (Do it yourself) Holiday Dollhouse.

DIY Holiday Dollhouse Gacha

Imagine Dad or Mom in the workroom/garage putting together a cute little dollhouse from the few bits of wood left in the house, making it a holiday decorated living room with little figurines and some paint. This is what you will get here.:)

I also have a little gift for you in the ‘Sales’ Section, together with two items at 50% for sale!

Snowflake Earrings Gift

Taxi to Midwinter Fair

Hope you enjoy! Happy Holidays!

50% off Black Friday Weekend Sale!

It’s almost Black Friday and I’ll be having a sale at *~*HopScotch*~* it will last from right now until Monday 30th. (Possibly until the 1st because SL’s midnight is too early for me to be online hehe).

Black Friday Weekend Sale

Included is everything in the Mainstore, apart from Gachas.

Yep that’s right, poses, pose props, accessories, SLink shoes/nails/Appliers, decoration items, Gift Cards and and and all for 50% off.

Gachas are regular price and while they are not on sale, you are welcome to play of course😉

Hope you enjoy the savings! Happy weekend!

Taxi to *~*HopScotch*~*

Gacha Garden – Smoofies to good home!


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The Gacha Garden opened its doors todays, for a magical time full of fantastic gacha items! I am thrilled to be part of it this time!

The Smoofies are waiting for you! Magical creatures that look at you with their big eyes and want to bring magic and cuteness into your home! You can get 9 commons (8 Smoofies and a display for them), a rare Unicorn Smoofie, and with every 20th play you can receive the Seed of Inspiration, a fairy Smoofie! Yes, the fairy won’t be won by chance but is a guaranteed prize every 20ths play:)

Smoofie Fairy - Seed of Inspiration

Head on over to the Gacha Garden and get your very own!

Taxi to the Gacha Garden

ROMP & Photographers Hunt


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It’s that time again! Romp started yesterday and I do have some kinky items for you. I tried to keep the images PG, so you can open them without worry. Info about the Photographer Hunt can be found further below:)

The first item is a lovely cage, perfect for a pretty birdy, or a sub if you prefer that😉 The cage is filled with 10 kneel poses and should work (with little position adjustments via the menu) for male and female. A demo is out at the event, so you can test it. It comes in gold and silver and is RLV scripted to lock and more.
Lovely birdy

I also have a set of lovely cuffs for guys and girls (both sizes are sold in one metal pack) and in gold and silver! They also are RLV scripted to lock, hide/show and add owner.
Cayden Cuffs

Taxi to ROMP

Photographers Hunt
This hunt has a lot of prizes from great stores, that are based on photographer’s needs. Props, poses, sets, cameras etc. So many fantastic items. Each Prize costs 5L and this is mine:
Paper Garden

You can find it with some searching in the mainstore.
More info, pictures, hints etc here: http://stuffmyinventoryhunts.blogspot.de/

Hope you’ll enjoy!

The Gathering is open


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It’s time for “The Gatherin”! A fantastic gacha event that does anything but mainstream. Fantasy, Sci fi and more. Beautiful designs and amazing prizes are to be had.

From me you can find the “Under the Sea” gacha at the event!
Gathering Gacha Under the Sea Key

Commons are the crowns in gold and silver, huggable and rideable dolphins in pink and blue
Rideable Dolphin
Huggable Dolphin & Crown

RARE are Dolphin Carriages with blue and pink Dolphins!
Dolphin Carriage

This Dolphin Carriage is a wearable vehicle. It is not scripted to be an actual vehicle! You attach it and use the included AO with it. Animations included are for walk, run, fly, jump, fly up/down, turn right and left (remember those only work when you stand and turn). All poses are customs made by me for this item.

Taxi to The Gathering

Festival of Sin II is open!


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Festival of sin opened its door just a couple of minutes ago and I am super thrilled to be part of it. FoS will run from today until September 5th!

My store is part of the sin LUST and also offers a Gacha in the GREED part of the sim. Because my items are NSFW, I put the pictures below the cut!

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Wizarding Faire & Medieval Fantasy Faire!


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Two more events have started and I’m participating! First is the Wizarding Faire the second is the Medieval Fantasy Faire.

Wizarding Faire is an annual event all around Hogwarts, witches and wizards, organized by the folks over at the Hogwarts RP “Mischief Managed”! My items are:

Emergency Potion Bracer
Winged Key

Taxi to Wizarding Faire

Medieval Fantasy fair is another annual event, all around – you guessed it – medieval and Fantasy. I went with the “Dark times” theme of medieval times, and started a new series of upcoming Dark times instruments. The first two are available at the event:

Hanging around
Shame on you

Taxi to Medieval Fantasy Faire

My SLink Obsession is back


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RL has been so busy, I have forgotten to tell you that My SLink obsession is back! I am participating this round with lovely bikinis that come with regular layers and Physique Appliers:

Floral Bikini

All colors are included in the pack:)

Head on over and grab it!

Taxi to MSO

Romp and Candy Fair are here!


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After a rather quiet month, this month will be filled with tons of new things! All through the month you’ll receive notices from me but let us start with the events that opened today!

First for your sweet-tooth: CANDY FAIR!
Yep another year has come around and I’m happy to be part of the sweetest fair in all of Second life. Releases all around candy can be found. Here are mine:

Lolipop Lights – available in four single colours AND as fatpack
My friend doug
Drippy Chocolate Wings White
Drippy Chocolate Wings Brown
Sugar Pearls Mouthie Gacha

Taxi to Candy Fair

And then something for the kinksters out there. ROMP FAIR is here again and I have the honor to be part of it again. The fair all around the kinky side of life.

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