See Gacha Guardians through new glasses


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Gacha Guardians has started once more and I’m bringing to you a flashback to the 90’s. Plastic Glasses!

Plastic Glasses

For every 15th play, you will get one or two Gifts of the Guardians to let our your inner bunny or kitten!

Plastic Glasses GotG

Taxi to Gacha Guardians!


Let’s get some shoes!


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Shoetopia is OPEN! OH MY GOD SHOES! Here’s what you’ll find there from me!

Kitten Mary Janes
These shoes are made for SLink Kitten feet. They come in 10 colors. The little button closing the strap over the foot comes in the same colour as she shoe you purchase.

FATPACK SPECIAL: Texturechange HUD for the shoe and the button. Both can be changed independently so you can mix and match as you like.
Kitten Mary Janes

Kitten Sheena Sandals
These shoes are made for SLink Kitten feet. They come in 10 color-mixes. Every color comes with a texture change HUD for the wooden sole.

FATPACK SPECIAL: Texturechange HUD for for the soles AND for each strap independently in 14 colours, you can mix and match to your heart’s desire!
Kitten Sheena Sandals

These Flat shoes are unrigged and come for girls and guys. They come in 10 colours. Female ones come pre-adjusted for Maitreya, SLink and Belleza but can be made to work with other feet with a bit of repositioning and resizing. They are modifiable.
Male sizes come pre-adjusted for SLink Male Flats, Aesthetics and Signature. But also can be made to work for other mesh feet with some editing, as they are modifiable as well.

Taxi to Shoetopia

Hope you enjoy!

Gacha Garden, The Coven & Play Room


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SO MANY EVENTS! Yes that warranted screaming, so excite!

Gacha Garden
I have something super sweet and special for you for this event. You can catch your own fairies in a pretty jar, fairylights and all! You can collect 9 commons, 1 rare and for every 20 times you play you will receive the Seed of Inspiration (SOI)

Catch a Fairy Catch a Fairy - keyCatch a Fairy SOI HopScotch - Catch a Fairy - Gacha DEMO1

Taxi to Gacha Garden

The Coven
A witchy event full of magical things. This time we have the theme of love potions, love spells, love curses and so on. I have a friendly little helper holding your love potions. It comes with a HUD to change between 2 woods, 4 backgrounds and 4 potion colors

Love Potion

Taxi to The Coven

The Play Room
This event is not open yet, but will open tomorrow. It is a kids gacha event. And I don’t know about you but when I was a child my whole room was plastered with glow-in-the-dark stars. I made a set of a glow-in-the-dark star Alphabet to decorate your rooms with. And you don’t have to be a kid to enjoy it 😀

Glowy Stars Alphabet Gacha Key Glowy Stars Alphabet

This event will open tomorrow, the 5th. at 12:00 (NOON) PM SLT

Taxi to The Play Room

Handy Expressions (Bento hand poses HUD)


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Handy Expressions, a Bento Handpose HUD!

Handy Expressions (Bento handposes HUD)

This HUD is designed to pose Bento enabled mesh hands. It includes 10 different hand poses. Each pose works for either right, left or both hands. If you use the Left and right versions you can mix and match any of the hand poses with each other.

To put both hands in the same pose, click the picture of the desired hand pose. To pose only one hand, click either the L (Left) or R (Right) beneath the picture. To stop the pose, just click again.

The last bottom pose does not miss the L and R buttons if you are wondering. Touch the picture to have your arms and hands pose to form the heart in front of your body. While the 10 picture only poses your hands, not your arms.

Taxi to HopScotch

OMGacha goes Penny-farthing


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OMGacha is back and this time I was inspired by Victorian bikes: The Penny-farthing. You can find 12 different colours. Each bike allows you to wear and ride around with custom animations.

Penny-Farthing Gacha

Taxi to OMGacha

ROMP is here! And it’s Icey cool


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SO exicted that ROMP Is open again! Still in winter mood I went a little icey this round. Or as a friend said “It’s as if Elsa got kinky”.

Ice Cage Ice Leash Post Ice Collar Ice Leash Holder

Taxi to ROMP

Winter pleasures at The Seasons Story


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I’m excited to be part of “The Seasons Story” for the first time. The winter round has just started and you’ll find my ‘Winter Pleasures’ Gacha there. Everything you need for your own magical winter scene.

Winter Pleasures Gacha

Hope you enjoy!

Taxi to The Seasons Story

The Gacha Guardians return


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The Gacha Guardians are back and this time bring a few changes. For one it is not a main store event anymore, you will now find all participants in one location. The other change is that now you can win two gifts of the guardians. Every 15 plays you win one of the two at random.

This time around I have a monogram gacha for you, inspired by the big cities’ skyscrapers!
Say it with Skyscrapers Scene
Say it with Skyscrapers
Say it with Skyscrapers GOTG

Taxi to the Gacha Guardians

The Chapter Four is OPEN


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The Chapter Four has a special Christmas Round that has opened today!

You can get two Christmas decorations and a lovely decoration gift from me! Both items are in the Chapter Four Half-price Room. The Star Pendant is a gift for the Chapter Four Group members!
Christmas Pyramid
Candle Tree
Starpendant Gift

Taxi to The Chapter Four

Hope you enjoy!

ROMP and Candy Fair are here!


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I am super excited because not only is Candy Fair back but also ROMP is here.

First let me show you what I have for the sweetest event on the grid: Gacha Fair

These two are my regular exclusives for this event!
Candy Corn Plushie
Halloween Candy Stickers

Then I have a Trick or Treat Gift for you. You can find it in my booth at the fair!

And because I can’t get enough, here is a brand new Gacha for the fair!
Wine Gum Rings

Taxi to Candy Fair

Now on to ROMP! Because this is a kink event I’ll put the pictures below the cut!

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