“We are full!” – Huge Retirement Sale

HopScotch is full and I need room for more new awesome stuff! So the whole mainstore is 50% off (except gachas and dollarbies) – The retired items will be later available on the marketplace, but for regular price!

Retirement Sale! Make room for new stuff

Take your chance for some awesome new year’s goodies :)

21Shoe Exclusive!

The new December Round of 21shoe is HERE TODAY. They are only available in this texture combination TODAY in my mainstore and never again after that.

21 shoe December - Ice Ice Baby & Vevina

There is one important thing to know about the shoes in this pack.

*~* Vevina *~*
These shoes will work only with the SLink Flat Mesh Feet! You can try if they work for other feet with resizing them, but they are modeled for SLink feet, so please understand that I cannot guarantee any other fits.

*~* Ice Ice Baby *~*
These Skate boots are unrigged, that means that everyone can wear them with resizing and everything.

IF you want to wear SLink feet with them you need the Medium Heel feet AND the Ankle Lock attachment, so your feet do not move. They are modeled around the feet, so that will work. If you see your feet bend but your shoes not, that means you are not wearing the Ankle Lock.

It is FREE. To get that, go into the Slink store to the section where you can find hands and feet and it is a vendor at the wall. As said it is free, and makes your heels look pretty when a pose would usually bend in an ugly way. :)

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Level up is open!

Level up, with the theme of Retro/Classic games, is now open!

Now everyone who knows me knows that I’m a geek, but I am also a game junkie. Be it videogames, board games, card games, roleplaying games and more. So for this event I chose board games! Some good old classic that I am sure you’ll recognize when you see them.

Available are:
Don't get angry avatar
Miller's Delight
Flip It

All of these are 1 Landimpact. The box you see on the pictures is linked with the game BUT can be unlinked and removed or moved around if you want to.

The games are not functional, only decor.

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Horrorfestive is open

Horrorfestive is OPEN! How exciting is that? Very I tell you.

Every vendor has at least 1 charity item out which 100% of proceeds going to the chosen cause. This year the chosen cause is a very personal one, this year Horrorfest will benefit our beloved Munchflower Zaius, who is suffering from Ehlers-Danlos Syndrome.

If you don’t know Munch, she was one of SL’s most innovative and influential designers of alternative fashions and hand drawn skins over the past 10 years with her brand Nomine.
Munch has very sadly had to leave SL, which was her only source of income, whilst she battles this debilitating condition, for which there currently no cure.

You can read Munch’s story here http://www.gofundme.com/SavingShannon

and find out more about Ehlers-Danlos Syndrome here http://www.ehlers-danlos.org/what-is-eds/types-of-eds

I have three items out for this event:

100% Donation
Christmas Visitors Roomdivider

50% Donation – The hand is animated and moves trying to grab you
Santas Clawy Helper
Gif to check out the anim.

25% Donation – For SLink casual hands
Gift opener

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Fit for a Princess

Fit For a Princess is back! This month with a Holiday edition. I have made some cute tiaras for you that does not only fit the holiday season with its pretty gemmed stars, but they also resemble new year’s eve fireworks lighting the sky.

Starry Sky is available in 8 different gem colours and every gem pack comes in cold and silver colours.

Starry Sky Tiaras

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Black Friday Sale!

For Black Friday I’ll be joining in with a 25% off sale! That includes all items in the Main store, excluding Gachas and Dollarbies.

This discount does NOT count for currently running events. Only the mainstore.

Sale starts now and runs only on Friday, 28th November.

Come on over and grab all the goodies!

Black Friday Sale

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Geeks’n’Nerds Fair is open!

This is a mega release post for Geeks’n’Nerds Fair that started TODAY on the 24th of November! And as the name says it is a heaven for geeks and nerds! I have been part of it last year and I am super happy to be part of it once more :)

This year I have a lot of awesome stuff for you, let me show you what you can find in this pack:

For Book Nerds and Geeks
Library Catalogue Cabinets
Library Catalogue Cabinet
This lovely piece of furniture is inspired by cabinets that I used to see in the library when I was a kid. The drawers are neatly labelled and on top you find some books and a picture frame.
Every Label can be changed to whatever you want to put on it, the Map is included to make it easier.
The picture in the frame can be changed to whatever you like, again the Map is included to help with that.
The Drawers A, L and R open and close on touch.
The Cabinet comes in Dark Cherry and Silver Birch, sold seperately

Share a book
Share a book
A lovely little house on a pole to house books. You can place it outside, share books with others (well not really but you can make it look like it :) ) or in your house as deco of course. The door opens and closes on touch.
It comes in blue, pink, yellow and gray, sold seperately.

For Timelord Nerds and Geeks
Listen and do as you are told
Listen&Do as you are told Frames
A set of two frames with quotes from the BBC Show Doctor Who. Both 1 LI each.

For Minecraft Nerds and Geeks
Disclaimer: As we all know Minecraft is copyrighted, so I did not want to make this pack without the OK from the Minecraft creators. Last year I have contacted them to ask for permission and the answer was rather positive as long as I do not use their Logo, assets (like textures and models), name etc. but make my own stuff for it. You can read the mail exchange here, if you so wish – So all of the things I made may LOOK like Minecraft but they are made by myself, model, textures, and if applicable poses. In some cases they of course look different from the original, that is intentional. :) Now to the items.

Box World Resources
Box-World Resources
These are single blocks that can be used to build your own stuff! They are 1LI each, you can bring the LI down a little when you link several blocks together. Included are several woods, dirt, grass, gold and some more, also included are animated water and lava :)

Box World Gacha
Box-World Gacha
This Gacha contains several items from the “Box World” like trees, mushrooms, sheep, beds, and more. The Rare items are a collection of 4 mob heads and a driveable Minecart. To use the Minecart simply attach it and turn off your AO :)

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21Shoe is a fantastic event for all you shoe enthusiasts out there. You’ll get two shoes for the price of one and they will be awesome new and/or exclusive!

For this month, my first participation which I am very excited about, I have an exclusive colour of Sidney, and a brand new shoe also in an exclusive colour ‘Caged’. More colours of both will be released, but these colours will never be available again. Both are for Medium SLink feet.

So come on over and grab them!

Sidney & Caged exclusives for 21shoe November

Taxi to HopScotch

Gorean Gacha is open!

Gorean gacha opened its doors today! While the event is catered around the Gorean Theme, the items can be used by other genres as well. Just check it out, you might find something for you there. HopScotch is participating as well and offers the following items:

Moon Dance Scrollwork

Taxi to Gorean Gacha

Cirque de Seraphim is open!

(I completely forgot to post this when it opened, sorry about that)

As part of Cirque de Seraphim, designers will contribute 50% of the sales from a minimum of one exclusively created item to ASPCA, American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals. The charity for this event was chosen based upon feedback received from Seraphim readers between June 26 and June 30, 2014.

All of my new releases for this event have 50% of the proceeds going to ASPCA!

See me at the circus Come one come all RED Come one come all GOLD Juggle your friends

Taxi to Cirque de Seraphim


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